Full System Life-Cycle Services

Veraxx has a high level of expertise in requirements definition, design, development, implementation, integration, and testing of complex hardware/software systems.and real-time embedded systems. As a small company, Veraxx has little bureaucracy, which maximizes efficiency and value for the services and products we provide. Veraxx is staffed by experienced Software, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers with a record of successes in complex military flight and tactical simulation and embedded systems. Veraxx is able to produce systems under DOD and commercial development and documentation standards.

Software Engineering

Veraxx has the ability to analyze your requirements and develop the most efficient and cost effective solution to meet your needs. Our software engineers are highly skilled, with decades of experience writing, modifying, and upgrading existing software. Object oriented design and detailed knowledge of complex simulation architectures allows for rapid deployment of high quality, reusable, maintainable software and documentation. Our programming knowledge includes: C, C++, Ada, FORTRAN, Assembly, GL, Open GL, X-Window, IDL, ODBC, SNMP, Rational Rose, and Networking Software. Operating system experience includes: Windows , Linux, Unix (IRIX, AIX), and VMS.

Electrical Engineering

Veraxx electrical engineers have years of experience developing custom hardware design solutions for unique requirements. We can integrate and test electrical and electronic systems, as well as troubleshoot electrical problems in installed hardware. Our engineers are able to bench-test avionics hardware in a simulated flight environment. Veraxx produces AutoCAD-compatible schematics for a wide range of electrical systems.


  • Digital and analog electronic, network, and power distribution solutions
  • Computer interfaces our specialty – 1553, 429, HSD, 232/422, DR-11, RTI/O
  • Experienced in aircraft avionics integration and test
  • Custom circuit design services available
  • AutoCAD-compatible schematic production

Mechanical Engineering

The Veraxx Mechanical Engineering staff has experience in the design, control, integration, installation, and test of mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems. Veraxx hardware designs are developed using rapid-prototyping techniques and the latest CAD systems.


  • Experienced in designing, integrating, and testing hardware subsystems
  • Light manufacturing capability
  • Mechanical design and documentation services available
  • AutoCAD-compatible schematic production


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