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Flexible Solutions for Your Engineering Needs

Veraxx Engineering Corporation is an engineering services company supplying technology solutions. Veraxx services include hardware, software, and design requirements, assessments, implementation, documentation, and customer support services. Veraxx has a high level of expertise in software development, flight simulation, computer architecture, avionics systems, mechanical and electrical design, and real-time embedded systems. As a small company, Veraxx has implemented efficient processes and procedures, thus adding value to the services or products provided. Veraxx’s size, structure and work ethic make it agile, capable, and highly flexible.


Design & Development Services for Computerized Flight Simulation

 Veraxx has the ability to analyze your requirements and develop the most efficient and cost effective solution to meet your needs. Veraxx engineering staff has a large variety of generalized software and system engineering skills including design, integration and testing of hardware and software solutions. The engineering staff’s combined programming language knowledge includes: C, C++, MFC, Java, Ada 83, Ada 95, FORTRAN, Open GL, and Xwindows. Operating system experience includes, Linux, Windows, VxWorks, RTLinux. The hardware design skill set includes AutoCAD and SolidWorks for 3D structural, component, and system design. While the majority of Veraxx experience and current projects are related to flight simulation, the skills and expertise involved in simulation are applicable to a variety of industries. Typical software solutions include embedded real-time control, real-time simulation, graphical user-interfaces, high fidelity flight modeling and simulation and COTS integration.


Veraxx specializes in, but is not limited to the simulation industry. Simulation is classified as an industry of it’s own due to the complexity of the devices designed to provide high fidelity flight training. Some specialized areas of flight trainer expertise possessed by the Veraxx engineering staff includes: Tactical Environments, Interoperability (HLA/DIS), ASTi Sound Systems, Instructor Stations, Device Drivers, Real-time executive, Real-time interfaces, Instructor Station (simulation control), Motion Platform control, COTS integration, Modeling and simulation of Aero / 6 DOF Flight Dynamics, Flight Controls, Flight Environment, Cockpit, Avionics, Aircraft Systems, Sensors, and Weapons.

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